Fitness Education Group:

It is our mission to provide fitness and health professionals in Europe with world-class training, information and tools to grow!

The Fitness Education Group was created in 2020 by the merger of five companies. These are EFAA Opleidingen, Sport&People, BlackBoxPublishers, BlackBoxAcademy and LAPT Business Coaching. The central idea is that a combined programme for both beginning and advanced fitness professionals, such as personal trainers, offers great benefits for our students. More offer, more choice!

Now Sport & People Denmark also offers Fitness education in Denmark! Check out the website here



Exercise is medicine! Exercise, training and fitness are a medicine and indispensable for health. This has been proven by thousands of scientific studies. The fitness professional (such as a personal trainer) plays a crucial role in delivering quality programmes to increase fitness and health. The Fitness Education Group (FEG) wants to play an important role in this. We inspire, train and coach fitness professionals and as a group we offer a life-long-learning program!