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Personal Training and Retention of Clients


Members of fitness clubs, but also clients of personal trainers report health related motives and goals. Examples are losing weight and getting fitter. To achieve goals like weight loss only an integrated program of nutrition, training and lifestyle will bring long term success. When discussing member retention in fitness clubs or retention of clients in personal training studio's, usually there is an one-dimensional focus on exercise (training). But when we really want to help our members and customers, a mixed program on nutrition, training and lifestyle is essential. With this, our focus on retention or adherence has to broaden to health behavior in general.

As a personal trainer you can use a broad mix of strategies to retain your clients or members. This could be motivational coaching, balanced programming, client focused communication and much more. Of course the key is an effective program in general. But also take into account other factors like payment, pricing and other service related factors. Even your image as an personal trainer contributes to the total picture of the personal training client experience and retention. This is the presentation of Tim Keightley on Personal Training and Retention of Clients at the Mega Quarterly 2012 in Veldhoven The Netherlands.